Q1:  Why do I need a Youtube account to be able to post videos on CrossLife?

A YouTube account is required to upload and store your videos. To play the videos, no account is required.

 Q2: How to post a video on CrossLife News Feed?

Click on the red icon:

For Android users:
1/ Drag to “Upload a video” or “I have a link”

2/ Either you already have a YouTube link in the clipboard ready to be pasted, and there the option “I have a link” is made for you, otherwise you want to upload the video from your phone:

3/ Choose your video :

4/ Add a title and description under YouTube, and validate

5/ Once downloaded and processed, click on the video options

6/ Then click the Share option

7/ Then select the CrossLife icon

8/ Your video is ready to be posted!

 Q3: Can I delete my posts on CrossLife?

Yes, I can delete them by clicking on my concerned publication, then on the icon “delete” (top left, in the form of a trash)

 Q4: Who can see what I post?

My posts can be viewed by my friends or the entire community depending on the choice made in: Settings -> Privacy


 Q5:  How is the LeaderBoard calculated?

The Leaderboard is calculated on the basis of the 28 values present in the tab “My Scores”

The principle is simple:

1/ The 1st of each exercise receives 1 point, the 2nd receives 2 points, until the last who receives N points with N the number of members registered on CrossLife, classified or not.

2/ Some exercises include 2 variants, RX or Scaled. (Example: Max T2B / Max knees raise).

? Only one of the two values will be taken into account for the Leaderboard, the best one.
? An RX value will always be better than any Scaled value.

For example:

100 DU in 1 hour earn more points than 300 SU in 5 seconds.
1 T2B earns more points than 1000 Knees Raise unbroken
1 HSPU earns more points than 1000 push up unbroken
1 Pull Up earns more points than 1000 Unbroken Ring Row

3/ Whether for an exercise (Ex: Snatch), a family of exercise (Lifting) or the general ranking (Leaderboard), the athlete with the lowest point is the highest ranked.

 Q6: Why my score is not taken into account in the Leaderboard?

In order for a score to be taken into account in the calculation of the Leaderboard, it is necessary to:

Associate a video with your best score
Let public the privacy parameter of your videos
Have score that is less than 6 months old

 Q7: How often is the LeaderBoard updated?

The Leaderboard is updated at 6am (French time) every day.


 Q8: How is organized the display of WODs in the WOD generator?

WODs are displayed :

First by date, with the newest ones at the top of the list
Then by popularity, that is to say by number of downloads, the most downloaded at the top.

 Q9: How can I search for a particular WOD?

A WOD can be searched for by:

Its own name (name of the WOD given by the creator)
The name of the athlete who created it
Its content. A WOD can be searched according to an exercise it contains or a specificity in its description.

 Q10: Why are there 2 values to add for FOR TIME WODs?

On FOR TIME WODs, you will have to enter:

Your time
Your number of reps

Of course, if you finish within the time cap, you will enter the total number of reps that the WOD contains. However, if you have not finished the WOD in the allotted time, you will enter the total number of reps made so you can compare your progress with your friends or your other scores that have not reached the end of the WOD during the time cap.

 Q11: How can I see my results for a particular WOD?

On each WOD, two tabs are available to you. The “Task” tab, which contains the description of the WOD, and “Results” which displays the ranking of all athletes who have entered a value for this WOD.

However, using the filter at the top left, you can view all your scores filled over time on this WOD. Obviously, this is your best score that is then displayed in the ranking of all athletes!


 Q12: Why these 28 exercises?

We chose these 28 values from a multitude of possibilities.
These values describe and cover, in our opinion, the vast majority of events encountered and practiced by athletes of all levels.
While thinking of everyone by scaling certain exercises, we tried to group the most representative and most meaningful exercises for the athletes, while remaining in a simple and unmistakable spirit of measurement. This is why you can not find any race events, an exercise that is still difficult to calibrate and measure without risk of error. The CrossLife team is still thinking of ways to integrate new exercises very soon!

 Q13:  How can I post a video on my score?

You first have to go to “My Scores”, to the “Results” tab. Then click on the “Add a video” button, then choose the option that suits you:

To post a new video from your phone from Android, here is the procedure a little more detailed because a little less intuitive (Remember that you must be logged in to a Google / YouTube account):

1/ Select the video on your device:

2/ Set up your video on YouTube,add a title and submit it:

3/ Once uploaded, click on the video options, the three dots next to the title of the video:

4/ Then select the “Share” option, at the very bottom:

5/ Copy the video :

6/ Go back on the CrossLife app (Back button), on the exercise in question, then choose the option “I already have a YouTube link”:

7/ The link will automatically appear in the field, you just have to validate!

 Q14: Are my custom exercises taken into account for the calculation of the LeaderBoard?

No, custom exercises are not taken into account for the Leaderboard. Only the 28 pre-established values are counted.

 Q15: How many custom exercises can I create?

Custom exercises are not limited in number, you can enter all your PRs without exceptions. Just make sure to choose the correct family corresponding to your exercise created so you do not mix up afterwards.

 Q16: Can I delete one of my values in a fixed or custom exercise?

Yes, all exercises, predefined as custom, you can delete a wrong or incorrect value by clicking on the red cross next to the score to delete.

 Q17:  Can I delete a custom exercise?

Yes, you can delete a custom exercise by clicking on the trash icon at the top right of the exercise.

 Q18: In the “My scores” tab, is a filled score counted indefinitely in the Leaderboard?

No. A score has a 6 months “life time” in the Leaderboard. After 6 months, you will need to refresh your value by filling it again and obviously adding a new video in support.


 Q19: Who can create and post events?

Everyone without exception can create an event on CrossLife.

 Q20:  Who can see the events I created?

Depending on the privacy settings of your events in the “Settings” tab, all CrossLife athletes will be able to see your events, or only the athletes connected to you

 Q21: How can I filter events in the list?

Events can be filtered using the icon at the top left in the “Events” tab according to:

Time : from the most imminent to the farthest in time
Locality : from the nearest to the farthest


 Q22: How do notifications work?

Notifications are marked with a number in the Left Menu, just in front of the concerned function.

Notifications are sent for:

News Feed: 
The notifications in the News Feed indicate that one of your posts (Text, photo, video, Score or event) has been commented. To view the posts affected by notifications, you can either click the number of notifications in the Left Menu, or use the envelope icon in the News Feed.

The red open envelope filters the publications affected by the notifications. These posts, as long as they are not consulted, are framed in red in order to highlight them.

Messages: You receive a notification when a member writes to you, whether or not they are connected to you.
Connection requests: When an athlete asks to connect to you, you receive a notification. Attention, the notifications that concern the connection requests are included with those of the messages, the requests of connection being managed in the tab “Messages”.

Events: When a new event is created, you are automatically notified.

 Q23: How to connect to other athletes?

The complete list of athletes is accessible via the Leaderboard. You can search all athletes based on :

Their name
Their box
Their gender
Their location (city / country)

 Q24: How to access my connection requests?

The connection requests are notified and accessible via the “Messages” tab of the left menu, in the bottom sub-tab “Requests”.

 Q25:  How to access the list of athletes connected to me?

In the left menu, by clicking on your name, you can access the summary of your profile. From this screen, you access your main information (number of points to the Leaderboard, ranking Leaderboard, Box, gender, age, city, description, …) and including the list of athletes connected to you.

 Q26: What is the difference between an athlete connected to me and an athlete who is not? What is the point of connecting to other athletes?

Good question. The difference is only on the privacy settings. If you choose to leave access to your content (posts, WOD, events, Scores) only to the athletes connected to you, only them will be able to consult your content. Otherwise, all users without distinction will be able to see your content.

Similarly, you can filter the content of your news feed by choosing to display only the content of the athletes connected to you or the content of all CrossLife athletes without exception.